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This December, I apparently decided that making cupcakes and cakes wasn’t good enough. Instead I opted to make cookies, brownies, more cookies… and did I mention some cookies?

Starting off with gingerbread cookies with a Peppermint Kahlua frosting. gingercookies

Next up were macadamia nut sugar cookies with the Peppermint Kahlua frosting or Bailey’s frosting, some brownies with peppermint candy bits, and chocolate chip and ginger chip cookies. (Forgot to take pictures) All were well received and it was fun to come up with new holiday flavors!

Needless to say this has been a holiday of cookies… I think I’m ready to return to cupcakes. Or maybe muffins.



I’m determined to find a way to bring the alcohol flavor goodness to cookies. I’ve had mild success in the past with a sugar cookie base, so building upon that I had my first attempt at a car bomb cookie.

This started by melting some chocolate chips to incorporate guinness. I was apparently a bit heavy handed on the guinness and the chocolate stayed more of a ganache than I had hoped.

The next adventure was how to incorporate the chocolate into the baileys sugar cookie. I tried a thumbprint cookie, which ended up looking like a quicksand pit in a cookie (well not sandy… but still not good), drizzling it on top of the normal baked cookie (which as ok but didn’t meld the flavors as I would like), and the winner – wrapping a small ball of chocolate with the cookie dough so it melts in the middle. Of course this is also the most time consuming method.

The result was very tasty, although you couldn’t really taste the guiness or the baileys, so more experimenting is in order! Fortunately, I’ll have a cast and crew soon that can help with this.

So I was bored one evening. I wandered over to my pantry and thought “hmm. sugar cookies. baileys. choc chips. hmmm.” The result:

Sugar cookies with baileys (enough the taste carried through finally!) and chocolate chips. They ended up being a huge hit and I made a few more batches a few nights later. I think I’ve found a new “go to” cookie!

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