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Every month we celebrate the birthdays in the office on one day, mostly because as much as we all love cake – a person can only eat SOO much of it. Seriously. Now my birthday being in October, I tend to get the most excited about what cakes we have for the October birthdays, and this year we opted to celebrate on Halloween (my favorite holiday). So, big surprise, I asked to make one of the cakes.

I found a picture of a 3 tier cake that had some fun colors and shadow cutouts, so using that as my inspiration – I came up with a single tier version (we don’t have THAT many employees for a cake that big!!), and because it’s a birthday cake… I thought I’d try sculpting a birthday Frankenstein’s Monster.

I was very happy with the cakeĀ  (spiced cake with apple jack and a spiced rum frosting), but my sculpting still leaves much to be desired. Still, other than looking like he’s about to fall over asleep (or drunk), Bday Frankie turned out alright.

Cake in progress, me mostly having fun making little ghosts.


Completed cake, with some fence piping. It always amazing me how much food coloring it takes to make not-gray frosting.


And the final cake! Yes indeed, it was a very happy “Boo-thday” for all!




For halloween this year I didn’t have the amount of time I’d have liked to make some fun treats. Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, so I don’t just want to “Bake something”. I want it to be nifty and fun and result in “oohs” and “ahhs”.

But, I still don’t know how to put 30 hours in one day… so I went for something fun and simple…. mummy cupcakes! (Actually these are blue moon ale cake with bacardi frosting because I was out of triple sec)


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