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Every month we celebrate the birthdays in the office on one day, mostly because as much as we all love cake – a person can only eat SOO much of it. Seriously. Now my birthday being in October, I tend to get the most excited about what cakes we have for the October birthdays, and this year we opted to celebrate on Halloween (my favorite holiday). So, big surprise, I asked to make one of the cakes.

I found a picture of a 3 tier cake that had some fun colors and shadow cutouts, so using that as my inspiration – I came up with a single tier version (we don’t have THAT many employees for a cake that big!!), and because it’s a birthday cake… I thought I’d try sculpting a birthday Frankenstein’s Monster.

I was very happy with the cakeĀ  (spiced cake with apple jack and a spiced rum frosting), but my sculpting still leaves much to be desired. Still, other than looking like he’s about to fall over asleep (or drunk), Bday Frankie turned out alright.

Cake in progress, me mostly having fun making little ghosts.


Completed cake, with some fence piping. It always amazing me how much food coloring it takes to make not-gray frosting.


And the final cake! Yes indeed, it was a very happy “Boo-thday” for all!




Time for another baby shower, only this time there was a need for two cakes! The first one matches the save the date invite that was sent.

Cake: spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Lesson learned: cream cheese frosting doesn’t work well when going under fondant.


The second cake matched the shower invitations – for this little boy it was all about rockets!

Cake: car bomb cake. Lesson learned: I like making rockets. šŸ™‚


And I’m excited to report, that this shower was long enough ago that the baby is now a few weeks old! He’s adorable and healthy, as are the parents.

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I have a co-worker who loves Tare Panda, and she had a recent birthday. I also have a co-worker who will be ending her internship while I’m out, so this is my last day with her. And she can’t eat chocolate or alcohol. So, I went out of my comfort zone and made a non-alcoholic cake. I know. It’s crazy, but it does happen on occassions such as this.

So I agree that Tare Panda is too cute and really needs to be put into cake form. It’s minimal carving but a good chance to play with fondant, which I haven’t done for awhile. And apple pie in cake form? Come on. WINNER!

The result:

Yes indeed, that’s an apple pie cake. He looked lonely, so I made a smaller panda out of fondant. Everything is better with a buddy! I also experimented with a frosting recipe, and I think I’ve found a good base. Just need to work on making it a bit more fluffy – but love that it doesn’t include stupid amounts of ingredients like previous ones I’ve tried.

And ever wonder what a kitchen looks like after making a “simple” cake like this? TA-DA!

No need for a hurricane when you can just have me in the kitchen. Wooo! (I had a great time making this mess!)

So I got a request for a cake on Friday night. After the rough week I’d had – the thought of throwing myself into a cake was just what I needed. So – I threw logic and sanity aside and said “I’ll do it!”.

The details: feeds 30-ish people. car bomb cake. ebay theme in 3-d for someone’s birthday. (don’t ask because I didn’t.)

The result… to be honest I’m not thrilled with it. I think my fondant work is only ok. The logo isn’t as clean as I’d like, but with only 2 days (while juggling day job and that “finals” thing) I didn’t have a chance to make a second… so I had to go with it. I did get to use a new cake pan (yea!), and I did confirm trying to fondant something so detailed when carved is tricky as heck. I also learned I need to get a few more couplers so I don’t have to switch out bags.

In the end, I hope the folks enjoy it – that it is tasty and results in a few smiles. For me: the sanity it gave me to make the cake was greatly welcomed! (And please note the cat toy on the floor is just that.. on the floor and NOT on the cake, although the picture kind of makes it appear to be.)

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I was recently commissioned to create a birthday cake for a friend who happened to be having his party at a pool hall. I’ve wanted to get more comfortable with carving, so figured this was a great chance to try something different.

The cake is supposed to suggest a pool table, unfortunately I didn’t have the time to make it truly look LIKE a pool table – but wanted to at least suggest the location. I also had fun “making” a new billiard ball since there isn’t a 0.

The cake itself was the “After Eight” cake: Chocolate creme de menthe cake with irish creme frosting. The balls are cake crumbs covered in fondant, and are the only bits of fondant on the cake.


I learned that creating clean lines with two colors of butter cream frosting on a cake is much harder that it looks, and took much longer than I’d have liked. But was so worth it!

Next up, a co-worker recently got married. I didn’t have the chance to bake before the wedding, so to celebrate, I made a strawberry-lemon cake with strawberry frosting with a “ball and chain” theme. Again the ball is cake crumbs covered in fondant. The chain is gumpasteĀ covered in fondant, which while making I felt like I was rolling a very odd cigarette. Of course all you would get if you lit them would be creme brulee! (*drum snare*)



I have to say they were both great fun to make! I hope to have some time soon (once school is done) to make more theme type cakes.

For my birthday this year I decided to try making a cake of whatever flavor I wanted, and whatever shape. Since I’m making it for fun and not for someone else, I’m willing to let it slide if it’s not perfect (or as close to perfect as I can get without spending a few hundred dollars in baking supplies).

The result: I’ve wanted to try an Angry Bird 3-D cake. So I did! In my mind it’s a cake fail. Although I learned a few important things (That I likely already knew, but this proved it. 1) When you crumb coat, it must chill over night. Not just for 30 minutes. 2) Don’t make a beak out of fondant covered cake and only use toothpicks to attach it. Use gumpaste and proper supports and make it the night before. and 3) STOP ROLLING THE FONDANT SO THIN! the red layer started tearing immediately and just arg. It was too thin.

Fortunately, my co-workers are incredibly kind people. They have been complimenting and “oh” and “Ah”-ing all day… and inhailing it. So I’m glad the experiment is tasty and enjoyed!

Completed cake (fun-fetti with butterscotch schnapps cake and strawberry frosting). The shine is from being brushed with water… he just needed to “shine” for some reason.

(Tail, beak and top “feathers” are fondant. Tail specifically is chocolate fondant and quite tasty.)

Recently a few special things happened, resulting in baked goods of course, and it’s all about the numbers!

Specifically, a wonderfully mischievous little boy turned 2!

Granted, he’s so adorable you just have to smile!

I had some trouble with the original cake design, but fortunately being 2, I don’t think the birthday boy noticed. I went with my backup plan of the Wiggles color theme and bright shapes (vs. the original was going to be the Wiggles guys in frosting).

Here is the “pre-finger food” version:

Standard vanilla frosting and yellow cake with a hint of maple syrup flavoring.

Next up was our one year anniversary wedding cake! Which, no I didn’t make… but the amazing and fantastic Margaret of Margaret’s French Bakery did make!

It was a banana flavored cake that tastes like banana bread and is too wonderful for words. Plus hand sculpted dolphins.

Thirdly, for a special someone who turned “30 something”… I made him some choc-chip macadamia nut cookies with a hint of pineapple. Of course I didn’t write down the recipe, but that just means they were a one time special! (Just don’t tell my co-workers who inhaled them!!)

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