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Yes indeed, 20 years ago many of my CSz High School League friends and I graced the improve stage for our last time (at least as high school students). To celebrate, those of us who happened to be on the West Coast got together to laugh, watch the video tape (Yes… VHS ON THE VCR BABY!) of our last match and of course, eat baked goods.

Starting with a Butter Smucker cake decorated in the CSz red & blue:


And the non-alcoholic option – Cherry Chip cupcakes with vanilla frosting:


And yes, I’ve had to take a break from baking as we were remodeling our kitchen. Ourselves… yea. SO – now that it’s mostly done, I can return to baking. The best news of all? I HAVE LEVEL COUNTER TOPS AGAIN! I can roll out a pie crust and easily level a cake!!! Oh man, simple pleasures that to this baker, make ALL the difference. Expect more baking to come soon as I might have to make sure I can bake everything from pies to cookies to bars to cakes on these new counters.


Even though my little lemon tree (grown from a seed) is still a few years from fruiting, a co-worker has a lemon tree that is exploding with lemons. I managed to take more than a few home, and was inspired to add them to cupcakes.

Plus, I also wanted to take a picture for the gallery on my web site.

The result: Lemon Drop cupcakes. A lemon cake, with fresh squeezed lemons and fresh lemon zest, and a triple sec frosting.


A tastry treat the disappeared well before lunch time. Can’t wait for the next batch of lemons!!

So I’ve had a mini donut pan for awhile now but haven’t had the chance to use it. I happened to find an apple cider flavored donut mix especially designed to be baked and not fried. WOOHOO! With the ingredients on hand, and a bit of hard apple cider added just because, I ended up with tons of mini donuts. Some were rolled in cinnamon-sugar and some were dipped in a melted cinnamon frosting.


I took them to work and they magically disappeared!

Next up, in the “Somethings are not meant to be in frosting” category – we have BBQ sauce. A friend of mine had a birthday coming up, as always I asked what alcohol he liked. The response was Miller High Life. Seriously. I wasn’t sure quite what to do with that – so I made an MGD cupcake (which actually came out GREAT) but was stuck on the frosting.


I ended up trying a BBQ Sauce frosting. Oddly enough – it came close to being good, but then it made a last minute turn to “what the hell is this”. There was a bit of BBQ sauce in a plain frosting base, a little liquid smoke, but unfortunately it was still too sweet. The tang was actually good – but just too sweet. Hard to get away from that when your main ingredient is powered sugar though. I’ll put this in the “lessons learned” category and next time go with my triplesec frosting instead.

I was a little excited to find out that an old friend of mine was pregnant. Even more so when I found she was having twins! And when I had the chance to make the babyshower cake and party favors – well, I might have made a few too many.

All of this was non-alcoholic so momma could enjoy. The cake decorations matched the picture on the invitation (crib with a blanket over it and blocks above that read “baby”). I altered it for the twins of course.


Next up the party favors: two mini cupcakes placed in a small box (forgot to take pics of them all finished. oops!). Two different flavors, because twins are still unique!

pink_cupcake purple_cupcake

Lemon cake with strawberry frosting and fondant flowers. Pink and Purple flowers because I knew the babies were girls but the parents didn’t want it “super girly”.

And then my favorite: chocolate cupcake with cinnamon frosting and pink edible pearls. Oddly enough during taste testing, I had to have a few of these… to make sure the frosting was flavored properly of course. *grin*


I’m happy to report that since the shower (which was held back in January) the twin girls have since joined the world happy, healthy and adorably. The parents currently miss sleeping – which sounds like an excuse to send them more sugar filled cupcakes.


During the holiday season of 2012 I did bake. Really. Now baking and having time to post about it… two totally different topics. That being said… I’m playing a bit of catch-up.<p>

First up, in early November with all of the glory that is fall or “winter” in Northern California, I couldn’t let the season pass without making Spiced Cupcakes, complete with fresh ground nutmeg on top (and lots of Captain Morgan’s too).

2012-11-10 16.26.03

Next up, I was stage managing a holiday play, which means my poor cast had to eat more baked goods than people should. This included strawberry cupcakes with Bailey’s frosting and awesome (come on – you know they are pure awesome!) holiday sprinkles.

2012-11-24 18.37.01

And some holiday cookies, with chocolate chips and crushed candy canes. Maybe some Bailey’s as well, because I could.

2012-12-18 22.15.59

Fortunately everyone enjoyed the treats and there never seemed to be any left over.

Step 1) enjoy that it’s someone else’s wedding so you don’t have to plan it!
Step 2) bring cupcakes so the bride and groom are properly hopped up on sugar (not like they’ll get any sleep the night before anyhow)
Step 3) enjoy cupcakes and enjoy the wedding!

These were the important steps I followed for a good friend’s wedding recently. The cupcakes were a combination of sweet treats for the bride and groom (Butter Smucker cupcakes pictured below) and for her brother’s birthday (Car bomb cupcakes not pictured here).

They traveled to the land of heat (also known as Sacramento) much better than I thought and were a hit! I still say the best part of baking these isn’t the eating (for me) but the enjoyment of watching others pig out on them.

My favorite holiday of the year is upon us… Halloween! Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to make an amazing baked creation, so instead I went with experimenting with a new ingredient – Sour Apple Pucker.

Fortunately, I have co-workers with sweet tooths and actors with hollow legs, so no shortage of people to try the experiment.

I ended up making a chocolate cupcake with sour apple pucker frosting. I tried the previous frosting recipe without the egg white and with 4 shots of alcohol. Lesson learned: it works fine without the egg white, but I put in one shot too many and ended up with frosting soup. Granted for Halloween I can say it’s “supposed to look all melty and oooooo creeeeepy”. Fortunately it still tasted great!!

And really how could I pass up the chance to use those adorable Wilton’s ghosts. I mean they’re holding candy corn!!!!! (I have a slight candy corn addiction)

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