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Time for another baby shower, only this time there was a need for two cakes! The first one matches the save the date invite that was sent.

Cake: spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Lesson learned: cream cheese frosting doesn’t work well when going under fondant.


The second cake matched the shower invitations – for this little boy it was all about rockets!

Cake: car bomb cake. Lesson learned: I like making rockets. đŸ™‚


And I’m excited to report, that this shower was long enough ago that the baby is now a few weeks old! He’s adorable and healthy, as are the parents.

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Yes indeed, 20 years ago many of my CSz High School League friends and I graced the improve stage for our last time (at least as high school students). To celebrate, those of us who happened to be on the West Coast got together to laugh, watch the video tape (Yes… VHS ON THE VCR BABY!) of our last match and of course, eat baked goods.

Starting with a Butter Smucker cake decorated in the CSz red & blue:


And the non-alcoholic option – Cherry Chip cupcakes with vanilla frosting:


And yes, I’ve had to take a break from baking as we were remodeling our kitchen. Ourselves… yea. SO – now that it’s mostly done, I can return to baking. The best news of all? I HAVE LEVEL COUNTER TOPS AGAIN! I can roll out a pie crust and easily level a cake!!! Oh man, simple pleasures that to this baker, make ALL the difference. Expect more baking to come soon as I might have to make sure I can bake everything from pies to cookies to bars to cakes on these new counters.

I can’t believe I never posted these pics (originally baked in May). So the cake theme was because I was told the couple met because of the pink donut from the Simpsons. Being a fan of 1) donuts and 2) the Simpsons, the thought of making a cake about it just made me giddy.

I refrained from going full cake-crazy and making a GIANT donut, although I’ll have to try that sometime, and instead opted to make a few adorable pink frosted donuts.

It’s a Butter Smucker cake (complete with butterscotch filling I believe), with a few special donuts made from fondant. And don’t get me started on the T and U. HATE how they look. I’m now on the hunt for better text stencils.

We recently launched a new mobile application for Android. This has been a long time in the making, and I being someone who had to tell people “it’s coming soon” for a long time was EXTASTIC! As in, people down the street could hear my screams of joy. So of course the occassion MUST be celebrated. In cake.

I present to you… Pinger is now on Android as represented in cake…

I have a few co-workers who can’t have alcohol, so this was a standard yellow cake flavor with butterscotch frosting. Wait, did I say “Standard yellow cake”? muhaha

Yes indeed – purple (pinger color which is actually “pinger-winkle” thank you very much. Though the lighting is bad in this picture but you get the idea) and green – (Go Android!) colored layers made this anything but standard.

Despite the perfectionish in me thinking it looked wrong, the product people LOVED it and it was happily enjoyed by all. Happy launch everyone!

I have a co-worker who loves Tare Panda, and she had a recent birthday. I also have a co-worker who will be ending her internship while I’m out, so this is my last day with her. And she can’t eat chocolate or alcohol. So, I went out of my comfort zone and made a non-alcoholic cake. I know. It’s crazy, but it does happen on occassions such as this.

So I agree that Tare Panda is too cute and really needs to be put into cake form. It’s minimal carving but a good chance to play with fondant, which I haven’t done for awhile. And apple pie in cake form? Come on. WINNER!

The result:

Yes indeed, that’s an apple pie cake. He looked lonely, so I made a smaller panda out of fondant. Everything is better with a buddy! I also experimented with a frosting recipe, and I think I’ve found a good base. Just need to work on making it a bit more fluffy – but love that it doesn’t include stupid amounts of ingredients like previous ones I’ve tried.

And ever wonder what a kitchen looks like after making a “simple” cake like this? TA-DA!

No need for a hurricane when you can just have me in the kitchen. Wooo! (I had a great time making this mess!)

It’s august, which for me means the start of birthday season (technically it begins on july 31). While I’m behind in my baking, I did make sure to bake a cake for my husband.

German chocolate guinness cake with the usual coconut frosting. For someone who doesn’t generally eat cake…. This sure got his mouth watering!

I recently had the pleasure of making a car bomb cake for a few birthday folks. One birthday was a lovely lady from Hawaii and the other was for a great guy who loves beer. Interesting combo you say? How do you put them both on one cake? Easy! With a flower and a pint!

Here was the result:
The best part – neither of them knew about it thanks to the stealthy email from the sister/girlfriend. That’s my kind of mischief!

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