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Time for another baby shower, only this time there was a need for two cakes! The first one matches the save the date invite that was sent.

Cake: spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Lesson learned: cream cheese frosting doesn’t work well when going under fondant.


The second cake matched the shower invitations – for this little boy it was all about rockets!

Cake: car bomb cake. Lesson learned: I like making rockets. 🙂


And I’m excited to report, that this shower was long enough ago that the baby is now a few weeks old! He’s adorable and healthy, as are the parents.

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So I’ve had a mini donut pan for awhile now but haven’t had the chance to use it. I happened to find an apple cider flavored donut mix especially designed to be baked and not fried. WOOHOO! With the ingredients on hand, and a bit of hard apple cider added just because, I ended up with tons of mini donuts. Some were rolled in cinnamon-sugar and some were dipped in a melted cinnamon frosting.


I took them to work and they magically disappeared!

Next up, in the “Somethings are not meant to be in frosting” category – we have BBQ sauce. A friend of mine had a birthday coming up, as always I asked what alcohol he liked. The response was Miller High Life. Seriously. I wasn’t sure quite what to do with that – so I made an MGD cupcake (which actually came out GREAT) but was stuck on the frosting.


I ended up trying a BBQ Sauce frosting. Oddly enough – it came close to being good, but then it made a last minute turn to “what the hell is this”. There was a bit of BBQ sauce in a plain frosting base, a little liquid smoke, but unfortunately it was still too sweet. The tang was actually good – but just too sweet. Hard to get away from that when your main ingredient is powered sugar though. I’ll put this in the “lessons learned” category and next time go with my triplesec frosting instead.

My favorite holiday of the year is upon us… Halloween! Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to make an amazing baked creation, so instead I went with experimenting with a new ingredient – Sour Apple Pucker.

Fortunately, I have co-workers with sweet tooths and actors with hollow legs, so no shortage of people to try the experiment.

I ended up making a chocolate cupcake with sour apple pucker frosting. I tried the previous frosting recipe without the egg white and with 4 shots of alcohol. Lesson learned: it works fine without the egg white, but I put in one shot too many and ended up with frosting soup. Granted for Halloween I can say it’s “supposed to look all melty and oooooo creeeeepy”. Fortunately it still tasted great!!

And really how could I pass up the chance to use those adorable Wilton’s ghosts. I mean they’re holding candy corn!!!!! (I have a slight candy corn addiction)

BACON!! Seriously. For a friend’s party, I wanted to bring a cupcake that incorporated bacon and didn’t include alcohol, so kids could enjoy it too. Challenge extended. And challenge accepted!

The result was a maple flavored cupcake with chunks of thick bacon in it. The frosting was a vanilla/butterscotch buttercream with crumbled bacon “sprinkles” on top.

I wanted to ask people what they thought, but kids shouldn’t talk with their mouths full.

This was also my testing out a new frosting recipe, which I tihnk I’m sticking with as there was more wiggle room to control consistency and it wasn’t as heavy as the last one I tried.

I have a co-worker who loves Tare Panda, and she had a recent birthday. I also have a co-worker who will be ending her internship while I’m out, so this is my last day with her. And she can’t eat chocolate or alcohol. So, I went out of my comfort zone and made a non-alcoholic cake. I know. It’s crazy, but it does happen on occassions such as this.

So I agree that Tare Panda is too cute and really needs to be put into cake form. It’s minimal carving but a good chance to play with fondant, which I haven’t done for awhile. And apple pie in cake form? Come on. WINNER!

The result:

Yes indeed, that’s an apple pie cake. He looked lonely, so I made a smaller panda out of fondant. Everything is better with a buddy! I also experimented with a frosting recipe, and I think I’ve found a good base. Just need to work on making it a bit more fluffy – but love that it doesn’t include stupid amounts of ingredients like previous ones I’ve tried.

And ever wonder what a kitchen looks like after making a “simple” cake like this? TA-DA!

No need for a hurricane when you can just have me in the kitchen. Wooo! (I had a great time making this mess!)

So I got a request for a cake on Friday night. After the rough week I’d had – the thought of throwing myself into a cake was just what I needed. So – I threw logic and sanity aside and said “I’ll do it!”.

The details: feeds 30-ish people. car bomb cake. ebay theme in 3-d for someone’s birthday. (don’t ask because I didn’t.)

The result… to be honest I’m not thrilled with it. I think my fondant work is only ok. The logo isn’t as clean as I’d like, but with only 2 days (while juggling day job and that “finals” thing) I didn’t have a chance to make a second… so I had to go with it. I did get to use a new cake pan (yea!), and I did confirm trying to fondant something so detailed when carved is tricky as heck. I also learned I need to get a few more couplers so I don’t have to switch out bags.

In the end, I hope the folks enjoy it – that it is tasty and results in a few smiles. For me: the sanity it gave me to make the cake was greatly welcomed! (And please note the cat toy on the floor is just that.. on the floor and NOT on the cake, although the picture kind of makes it appear to be.)

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Recently it was cinco de mayo. I celebrated with proper margarittas and while drinking one realized it would make a fun cupcake. Possibly. So, last night I tried it! I’m planning to make another batch for an up-coming Game of Thrones marathon because this one didn’t end up having enough margaritta in the cake after it baked.

But here you go: Margaritta “confetti” cake (because I could) with lime frosting and green sugar crytals on the rim.

I’ll be adding this to my menu of available flavors to order once I get the right amount of margaritta in the cake. I was rather happy with how the frosting came out though!

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