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Temptations and BBQ

Posted on: April 9, 2013

So I’ve had a mini donut pan for awhile now but haven’t had the chance to use it. I happened to find an apple cider flavored donut mix especially designed to be baked and not fried. WOOHOO! With the ingredients on hand, and a bit of hard apple cider added just because, I ended up with tons of mini donuts. Some were rolled in cinnamon-sugar and some were dipped in a melted cinnamon frosting.


I took them to work and they magically disappeared!

Next up, in the “Somethings are not meant to be in frosting” category – we have BBQ sauce. A friend of mine had a birthday coming up, as always I asked what alcohol he liked. The response was Miller High Life. Seriously. I wasn’t sure quite what to do with that – so I made an MGD cupcake (which actually came out GREAT) but was stuck on the frosting.


I ended up trying a BBQ Sauce frosting. Oddly enough – it came close to being good, but then it made a last minute turn to “what the hell is this”. There was a bit of BBQ sauce in a plain frosting base, a little liquid smoke, but unfortunately it was still too sweet. The tang was actually good – but just too sweet. Hard to get away from that when your main ingredient is powered sugar though. I’ll put this in the “lessons learned” category and next time go with my triplesec frosting instead.


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